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Orchid Fertilizer

In general, orchids don't require a lot of fertilizer. In nature, as orchids grow suspended from trees by grabbing their bark with their roots, orchids only get what food their is in the decaying organic matter in the nook of a tree branch or that washes down the tree as it rains. Yet, as we cultivate orchids in our homes they do require a modest amount of fertilizer.

Orchids do not thrive on standard plant fertilizers because the nitrogen source in those fertilizers is primarily urea which orchids cannot absorb very well. Similarly, the type of Potassium in many fertilizers is not optimal for orchids. There was a study done at Michigan State University (MSU) on fertilizer for orchids which was published in both Orchids magazine and the Journal of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance in 2003. This study, and the resulting orchid fertilizer formulation is known as "MSU Orchid Fertilizer". This fertilizer formulation is known as the 'gold standard' fir orchid fertilzer.

The complete five part article is offered here with permission from the author.

FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer

FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer from rePotme Orchid Supplies is urea free, great for orchids and other prized plants. FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer is recommended for use with reverse osmosis (RO), rain or tap water low in alkalinity.

We offer both liquid and granular versions of FEED ME! MSU orchid fertilizer. Liquid FEED ME! is Available in Pint, Quart and Gallon size containers, each one comes with child protective cap. The granular FEED ME! is sold in a 1.5 lb.

FFED ME! is now available in special discounted Combo Packs with our famous GET OFF ME! Natural Orchid Bug Spray and our extraordinary line of Selected Blend Mixes and our offering of 44 different media.

As seen in the American Orchid
Society's Orchids Magazine!

Nutrient Analysis of FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer granular is 13-3-15 8Ca-2Mg

  • Total Nitrogen 13% (Nitrate Nitrogen 12.5%, Ammoniacal Nitrogen 0.7%)
  • Phosphate 3.7%
  • Potash 15.9%
  • Calcium 8%
  • Magnesium 2.6%
Derived from calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, potassium nitrate and monopotassium phosphate

  • Iron 0.177%
  • Manganese 0.088%
  • Zinc 0.044%
  • Copper 0.044%
  • Boron 0.018%
  • Molybdenum 0.018%
Derived from Iron EDTA, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, boric acid, ammonium molybdate

We recommend you store the granular FEED ME! MSU Orchid Fertilizer in a cool dry place.

"Helping Bloom Happy Orchids One Pot At A Time For Over 25 Years"